System Health Laboratory
works on creation of the complete system of search and elimination of the first causes of illnesses, return and strengthening of health.

Spheres of our interests
7P medicine (personalized or patient-oriented; preventive; predictive; partner or participatory; precise or parametric or accurate, data-based; psycho-cognitive; proactive or based on the patient's internal motivation).

A systematic approach and work with health at all levels (physical, mental, social, cultural, economic).
Digitization of the practice of the world's leading schools of psychotherapy
Formation of digital models of the methods of psychotherapeutic schools to simplify the work of specialists, the possibility of effective remote maintenance of clients and the development of an algorithm for the selection of personalized psychotherapy
Evidence Based complex theraphy
Development and conduct of a clinical study on the analysis of the impact on patients of complex personalized therapy, including the impact on the physical, mental and social level.
Elimination of chronic diseases
Development of an integrated system for the prevention and management of chronic diseases
Formation of healthy habits
Development of a system for identifying bad habits and eliminating their root causes, developing a training system for the formation of healthy habits.
Identification and mapping of human values
Development of the structure of representation of human values and approaches to their identification.
Digital Human Model
Formation of a complete digital model of a person, including mental models, values, patterns of physical reactions, features of the psyche.
Health monitoring system
Develop a health and lifestyle monitoring system that includes wearable electronics, and a question-answer software.
Project "Health Designer"
Development of a system for complex diagnosis of a person at the physical, psycho-emotional, social level, lifestyle analysis.
Creating a personalized program to maintain and restore health.Navigator for psychotherapy, nutrition, physical activity, mental and social practices
Health culture research
Research tools for the formation of a culture of health at the individual, family level, at the level of small groups, social structures, states.
Investigation of the influence of culture, art, economy, political structure on human health.
Philosophy of health
The study of the phenomenon of health and its place among other key elements of human life and human society (along with education, economics, culture, politics)
Peter Rangelov
Family doctor, scientist, co-founder of System Health Laboratory
Dr. Rangelov combines the experience of a surgeon, family doctor, psychotherapist, scientist, manager and software architect. The experience of Dr. Rangelov lies in the treatment of particularly complex patients, when it is no longer possible to eliminate symptoms, and only identifying and eliminating the root cause of the disease saves the life of the patient and restores his health.
Stiven Porges
Founder of Polyvagal Theory, professor in University of North Carolina
Stephen W. Porges is a "Distinguished University Scientist" at the Kinsey Institute and professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of North Carolina. Dr. Stephen Porges' research intersects psychology, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology.
Erik Yarlnes
Founder of Bodynamic
Co-founder of The Bodynamic International (1982) - a body-oriented psychotherapy system. Your special interests are Peak Experiences, Shock-Trauma and communicating (teaching good communication skills and helping resolve conflict situations using our Body-knot model).
Alexey Osin
Entrepreneur, Co-founder of System Health Laboratory
Alexey Osin was educated in the field of mathematical economics. Developing on the scientific and teaching career, in parallel received a successful business experience. This expanded the scope of his research and practical interests, including a person, his psychology, motivation, relationships, culture of cooperation, and identified the main interest - projects related to man.
Jeffrey Young
Founder of Shema Therapy, PhD, Columbia University
Dr. Jeffrey Young is Founder and Director of the Cognitive Therapy Centers of New York and Connecticut, and the Schema Therapy Institute. He received his undergraduate training at Yale University and his graduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania. He then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania with Dr. Aaron Beck, and went on to serve there as Director of Research and Training.
Waldo Bernasconi
Professor in Guericke University Magdeburg, доцент в La Jolla University
Professor Bernasconi has an education in the field of clinical psychology, anthropology and medicine. More than 20 years working in the field of psycho-physical analysis (individual and group). Creator B.B.C.T. (Bernasconi Bioenergetics Color Test), as well as BBI (Bernasconi Bioenergy Inventory), which is a synthesis of his studies of the relationship between color, mind and body.
Mike Kelly
Professor in University of Cambridge, expert in Evidence based medicine and Public Health
Professor Kelly is Senior Visiting Fellow in the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the Institute of Public Health at the University of Cambridge. Between 2005 and 2014 he was the Director of the Centre for Public Health at the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) where he led the teams producing public health guidelines.
Oleg Pavlov
Professor in WPI, Founder of System Dynamics Club at Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Professor Pavlov earned a BS degree in Physics/Computer Science and a PhD in Economics from University of Southern California and an MBA from Cornell University.

Professor Pavlov's expertise is in multi-sector analysis that accounts for feedback and resistance to change often exhibited by real systems.
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